Pfr. Johannes Krist骹


Johannes Krist贸f was born in 1936 in F眉z茅r, in north-east Hungarian. Already as a child he wanted to become a priest, however, this was not possible in communist Hungary. He learnt as an apprentice the job of the iron worker in a rolling mill. In 1956 he left Hungary during the course of the revolution. From now on Austria became the centre of his life, here he completed the school and studied theology. On the 23rd of February, 1964 he is inaugurated as priest and worked in Vienna, to the east of Vienna and also in wine region where Austria, the Czech republic and Slovakia all meet.

At the age of 22 Johannes Krist贸f got to know the Sch枚nstatt movement and this changed his life. He found his real spiritual home and also his lifes purpose. After that his sole purpose in life was to preach to the people of Danube: from Vienna Austria and its surroundings all the way through Hungary and Rumania to the sea; and to about the riches and value of the Sch枚nstatt spirituality and the practical demonstration of his conviction. His personal strengths were a great benefit for all who met him: his loving heart, a mind full of ideas, his spontaneity, his physical fitness, his willingness to meet new people, his calmness and his amazing trust 鈥 all talents he used for his lifes goal 鈥 preaching the clear Christian message of Sch枚nstatt. Everywhere he won the hearts of the people and led them to enjoy the same conviction 鈥 living out of the same fountain which fulfilled his being, being committed and united with our Lady Mary. His example encouraged others and in his parish there grew a great feeling of renewal, happiness and warmth in a deeper relationship with God through his mother Mary.

The deepest wish of Johannes Krist贸f was to build a shrine, like that in Sch枚nstatt, as a place of grace where our Lady Mary could work and reach more souls. It should be in the hills above Vienna on Kahlenberg and should also accommodate a retreat centre for visitors to the shrine. He was willing to give everything for this dream 鈥 even, as it happened his life! In a tragic car accident in 1980 Johannes Krist贸f was killed without seeing the fullfillment of his dream 鈥 but, as many believe, this was his final sacrifice for his beloved Mary and shortly after his death the negotiations, which had been so difficult up to this point, were quickly concluded and it was possible to buy the ground and start realizing his dream. Then, in less than three years after his death the shrine on Kahlenberg was built and inaugurated on 31 October 1982.

At the age of 22 Johannes Krist贸f got to know the Sch枚nstattbewegung, this changed life.