Pfr. Johannes Kristf


1964: 1st of March - 31st of August: Chaplain in St Pauls Church, Döbling, Vienna.
 Since that time he was also as a teacher of religion in the schools in his district.
 If it was at all possible he participated in the monthly celebrations of the Schönstatt movement.
 1st of September to 31. August, 1971: Chaplain in village of Grossweikersdorf, Lower Austria; as a spiritual counseller for the young people and children.
1966: The first visit in Füzér, Hungary.
     29th of November: Applied for Austrian citizenship
1970: 8th of December: Inauguration of the MTA picture for the chapel of Grosswiesendorf.
1971: Palm Sunday: The first pilgrimage from his parish to Schönstatt / Vallendar.
 1st of September to 31st of August, 1973: Chaplain in Bruck/Leitha, Lower Austria.
1973: 1st of September to 28th of February, 1975: Chaplain in “Saint Othmar – Unter den Weissgerbern”, Vienna, as spiritual counselor again for young people.
1974: 23rd of February: He celebrates the tenth anniversary of his priest's inauguration with a holy mass at the Máriapócs altar in the Stephansdom, Vienna.
 18th of October: "Heim Vier" literally translated “Home 4” - a space under the church Saint Othmar – here Johannes Kristóf offered the Schönstatt youth of the Parish to consecrated themselves to Mary.
1975: 1st of March to 31st of July, 1976: Johannes was installed as deputy bishop in Walterskirchen, Lower Austria.
 1st of March to 14th of November, 1980: Johannes was installed as deputy bishop in village Wetzelsdorf, Lower Austria.
1976: 16th of May: Inauguration of the „Fortress of the three times miraculous mother and queen of Schönstatt“ in the parish garden of Walterskirchen.
 23rd of May: A wayside shrine was built in Wetzelsdorf to accommodate the MTA picture of the group of Schönstatt pilgrims from the local parish.
 1st of August: Johannes became the priest of Walterskirchen, Lower Austria, inaugurated by cardinal Dr. Franz König, at the same time becoming an official member of the archdiocese Vienna. A few days later he received the answer of the bishop from Hungary that Johannes Kristóf could return to Hungary.
1980: 14th of November. Traffic accident in village Wetzelsdorf, resulting in the death of Johannes Kristóf. On the same day the most important negotiations concerning the construction site for the shrine and also the educational centre of the Schönstatt movement on Kahlenberg were concluded.
 22nd of November: Requiem in Walterskirchen with about 50 priests and approx. 2000 participants, as well as his mother, two sisters and his brother. The priest that led the celebration was the archbishop Dr. Franz Jachym instead of the cardinal Dr. Franz König, who was ill on this day.
 26th of November: Burial in Füzér, Hungary.