Pfr. Johannes Kristf

Foto Gallery

1956: Master craftsman exam as iron worker

as theology student

as theology student

Christmas holidays 1959: Consecration to Mary in church of Marys’ Ascension, Nordrand estate, Vienna

23. Febuary 1964: Ordination as Priest in Stephansdom, Vienna

23. Febuary 1964: Shortly after the ordination ceremony, Vienna


Primizbild - Rückseite

Visit in Füzér, Hungary

1967: in Großweikersdorf

1968: Carnival in Großweikersdorf – with Beatles costume

1971: Wedding in Großweikersdorf

on the football field

Ceremonial presentation of the ministrants robes in Großweikersdorf

1971: in Füzér, Hungary, second from the left

1974: Young boys retreat

During some travels

2. March 1975: Took over the Parish of Walterskirchen

1976: Restoration of the inside of the Parish of Walterskirchen

Pfarrer Kristóf actively helping in the restoration of the Parish of Walterskirchen

1976: Mothersday celebration in Wetzelsdorf

1978: Parish pilgrimage to Schönstatt, third from the right

Christian Mens Group in Vienna

1977: First communion celebration in Wetzelsdorf

1979: Christmas play in Wetzelsdorf

1980: Celebration of mass at an open air summer festival of the fire brigade

1980: Sommer retreat in Halltal

at the wayside shrine on Kahlenberg