Pfr. Johannes Kristf

How we have experienced him

A small selection of personal encounters

Kristóf outside left, with beard

„I remember a very dear person who was very open and friendly and where one could feel immediately that you could tell him all your problems, ideas and dreams and he would understand you.
He had an uncanny cheerfulness and friendliness and was humble and human at the same time.
His dog a Hungarian sheepdog, who accompanied him wherever he went and was an inseperable companion in his life.
He seemed to have the capability, a real blessing, to draw people to himself and he had always had many people around – eager to hear from him and learn from him – and it was at such a gathering that I met him the first time.“

„He was lighthearted but also really authentic“ „He was a very personal and warm hearted person.“

„The local church congregation liked him very much and he was very popular as he visited the people in their own flats and homes. The people appreciated his way of talking to them, listening and also getting advice from them, letting them be a part of his life. He was interested in daily working life: in planting, harvesting and in the best storage for fruit and vegetables. The people have seen in him not only the priest, but‚ he was one-of-us.“

His many duties often brought a certain unpunctuality, not because he was not organised but that he was 100% there for someone and not running from appointment to appointment: “I had been surprised about the fact that the people have waited patiently until he came - and he would. They liked him, and they would do anything for him – as he would also do for them.“

„He couldn't say no - it was his calling - to be there for the people. And if he came, he always brought something: vegetables, potatoes, wine, fruit. He would always bring something no matter how small - it was important for him.
What impressed me very much was his house - very much like his heart - open and welcoming. Everybody could feel at home with him. He was always ready and open for the others. Besides, no sacrifice was too big for him.“

„He was an open, modern chaplain and also an active goalkeeper in the village Grossweikersdorf footbal club. There was jazz mass which particularly the teenagers liked. The chaplain played the guitar and has sung and he also has organised youth camps.
One could talk with him about everything. He was open for everything.“

„In the 70s I was with him in Hungary twice. I can remember this very well. At that time a niece of his or close friend has married and we were invited to the wedding. This was a 3 day party. There has remained an unforgettable experience, to see, how to really celebrate special occassions Hungary.“

„Jancsi (nickname of János, in Hungarian John) always left a Schönstatt presence. He always had his MTA with him everywhere he went and he always established a roadside shrine or 'Marterl'.“