Pfr. Johannes Kristf


Johannes Kristóf (1936-1980) was a Hungarian by birth and worked 16 years as a priest in the Vienna. He was passionate in bringing people in contact with the living God.
His everyday life was formed through the deep relationship with Mary, with the Mother of God. He himself was a loving servant and trusted her completely in all he did. The visit of the Original Shrine in Schönstatt was a turning point in his life:
"This chapel became my home, and the centre of my world. There it is a place of retreat and contemplation where I can lay my complete life in the hands of Mary.“

He wanted to share this experience to many other people. He lived, worked and sacrificed much in order to build such a “sanctuary” for the people on the shores of the Danube. In his notebook he wrote: „The proof of the love is the sacrifice which you are willing to give“. His life testifies to the proof of this. This encounter in Schönstatt became the starting point of a personal movement which grew and culminated in the building of the Schönstatt chapel in Kahlenberg, Vienna. Here many people have experienced the grace and blessings of our Lady, the Mother of God, radiating out from this holy place.