Pfr. Johannes Kristf

His source of strength and conviction

Since his childhood he has a deep connection to the Mother of God. In his sermons he often spoke of her and gives others insight into his life.

„If you can imagine that you collect the fir cones now in the time of Lent and save them all up, these small sacrifices and good deeds. One does not need to look for them there are opportunites everyday to do something right you must one must only SEE them. The devotion to duty, the daily prayer life are all fir cones to be collected and made an offering to the Mother of God. She preserves them and rewards your deeds. Nothing gets lost which you do out of love and devotion to her.“
(10/3/1978, letter to Lajos)

A student, with him on his travels told the following: „It was the 18. day of one month. He went to Bruck / Leitha to visit friends. On the way he spoke to the Mary that he certainly needed a car. And as if his prayers were answered he met his friend a car dealer, and he offered him the car 'the Kommodore'  for a very favorable price.“

Johannes Kristóf worked constantly on educating himself and also wanted to convince others to do the same: „With some youth leaders, who were students, he had problems because he spoke over and over again of this selfeducation. This was so important to him! Always selfeducation, this was his catchword. Now I know why. At that time I have known nothing about Schönstatt. I remembered I had a conversation with youth leaders who have been involved at that time in the Parish: 'Now he has talked again from the selfeducation. - There he has talked of the selfeducation. - Doesn't he know anything else!?’ They were not used that such a man was possessed by such an energy and this caused some to be very sceptical. However for all those who left his youth programme there were enough who took their places - he was a person who could really motivate and engage the young people."

In the end, he has always tried to fulfil the will of God. On the 11th of May, 1961 he wrote to his sister Júlia: „Believe me, I am very happy and the more I fulfil God's will, the more my happiness increases. The most important thing is that everyone finds the "personal ideal" - your central purpose in life - given to him from God. And if we find this, we should orientate our lifes to realise this ideal.“

In summer, 1980 he stressed in a conversation again that it is basically about the whole devotion to the will of God and all other things are secondary. During the last months of his life the people noted a change in him. They reported the fact that he has lived in the last life phase in perfect devotion to the will of God - according to the meaning on January, 20.

„His offering was accepted by the MTA. It was clear that something profound had happened.“