Pfr. Johannes Kristf

Childhood and youth

1936: On Boxing day 1936 he was born as the seventh child of Kristóf János and Bodnár Szabados Mária in Füzér, Hungary.
1937: 1st of January: Official birthday and the date of his baptism.
1948: Autumn: School start at the small school of the Franciscans in Jászberény (together with two boys from the village)
1949: In Hungary the church schools are nationalised. He goes back to the general elementary school in Füzér.
1951: After the primary school he worked as a forester accompanying an experienced Forester and hunter in the mountains with Füzér, near the border to the present Slovakia.
1952-54: He visited the high school in Sátoraljaújhely; for financial reasons he must stop his education and start working.
1955: Apprentice in the three-year technical school associated with a rolling mill in Miskolc.
1956: May: He has passed the examination for the master's certificate as an iron mill technician with excellent.
1956 23rd of October – 4th of November: Uprisal of the Hungarians against the Russian occupancy.
1956 28th of November: He leaves Hungary.
1957: From the 7th of January: Started his last two years of the school in a class of the Norwegian Hungarian's - secondary school near Innsbruck.
From the 15th of September: Moved to the Hungarian Secondary school – “Queen Juliana School“ in the mountain near to Lienz.
1958: Finally completed his school examination Hungarian Secondary school, Lienz.