Pfr. Johannes Krist骹


Johannes Krist贸f grew up in a religious family. His mother went daily to the church and he accompanied her. On sunday the whole family prayed together the rosary, only when the prayer was finished was he allowed to go outside and play with his friends.
The oldest brother of his uncle was very religious, Uncle Mikl贸s, he had always wanted to become a priest and prayed with great motivation, especially during the consecration of the bread and wine during the holy mass, in the hope that the young J谩nos would become a priest.

Johannes Krist贸f prayed a lot himself and with others:
鈥淲e frequently went to Sch枚nstatt, mostly by hitchhiking. On these trips it was not unusual that we had to make a break as night came and we went to sleep either in a hay stack or even by the roadside. We had sometimes to walk very long parts of the way ourselves and prayed the rosary. This helped to create a warming, moving and deeply religious atmosphere. These were opportunities where I could learn these prayers and to pray them together with him. After every short verse we prayed a short verse from Pater Kentenich (translation below).
If I pray this same prayer now I experience the trust and peace that we experinenced then!鈥

I am supported by your power and goodliness
I trust in you like a child trusts his mother,
I blindy believe and trust in every situation
In You, you wonderful mother and Your Child!

鈥濴ater we saved up and bought a used Renault 4CV which we called the 鈥歋zam谩r testv茅r鈥 鈥 brother donkey (ssamahr = donkey, teschtwehr = brother). We drove together a lot with this car and prayed many times the rosary as it was never out of hands reach.鈥

鈥濱 remember that we always had to pray with Johannes Krist贸f. In Tirol we also prayed, my sister and the grandma (mother of Johannes) were with us. We drove the whole night and sang folksongs and prayed. Jancsi (a short form of J谩nos, hungarian word for Johannes) liked the old folksongs very much.鈥

鈥濱n his last Parish pamphlet he asked whether parish could imagine to pray every Friday the rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament for the renewal of the church in general but especially for his parish, and also for more priests in the catholic church and for a place where Mary, mother of God could abide in Kahlenberg.鈥

This prayer should start on the Friday on which Johannes Krist贸f was killed in a car accident. He asked me to be especially early and to unlock the church and prepare the altar and start with the prayer in the event that he would be late!